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Secret Tip for Youtube Influencer Marketing

Youtube sponsorships can be incredibly lucrative for your brand or product. However, finding the right influencers is critical for you to have any success with this type of marketing.

Youtubers get bombarded with hundreds of sponsorship requests every month, so you need your products to stand out from the rest of the noise. A straightforward way of doing this is to target niche channels who you believe would absolutely love your product. An example would be the Travel Tripod by Peak Design*. This tripod was designed specifically for travelling photographers. While it may be tempting to email the photography, videography, and electronics channels with 1 million+ subscribers, the Travel Tripod could have easily been lost in the noise. A better approach would be to target the niche user base the tripod was built for: adventurous, outdoorsy photographers. You will have fewer channels to pick from and these channels may not be as popular as the mainstream photography channels. However, you are guaranteed to generate a lot more interest from niche viewers because your product aligns with their specific interests. Furthermore, smaller channels are more likely to feature your product because they usually do not have as many sponsorship inquiries as the larger channels.

Bonus tip: Contacting tons of channels can become hectic and it will be very easy to lose track of who you contacted. I recommend creating a spreadsheet where you can keep track of all this information. It will be time consuming, but you will be more efficient at this marketing strategy if you have it.

* Not affiliated with this article or with FamCarr Precision. Used only for educational purposes.

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